I write love letters to anyone reading

Once or twice a month, typically on a Sunday and usually in the morning, I send a letter to the world I love, even when it seems like the world does not love us back. (It does).

Every letter wants a poem. I include one, or two, or sometimes three poems by poets I love. Sometimes I read them aloud for you. Sometimes I include one or two of my own works in progress or recent publications or experiments I don’t know what else to do with. You can find more of my published work here.

Here is what I want to offer: a moment of peace. A second to breathe, to catch your breath and ride a wave.

I greet you here with long open arms.
My arms are just so long, and open.
I hope you find something that feeds you.

Everything is free

If any of these words are what you want and need, have them. I am grateful.

I am grateful too for any and all support. Paid subscribers help make this project sustainable—I make my living off writing, more or less, and I work for myself. I try to be intentional about every hour. Every hour I spend here is worth it.

Credit where it’s due

My beloved friend and esteemed colleague, Ariel Rudolph, drew the drawing that is the logo. It is wonderful.

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love letters, poems + excellent vibes. assembled with care by kristin lueke.


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