Happiest birthday, Kristin! What a joy to have crossed paths in this life. Your words are a gift -- these ones here: "I am no good to me or anyone else if I cannot find my joy. So forgive me, my loves, I’ll never stop fucking around" will live with me for a while. Never never stop fucking around !! Mantra!

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Sep 19, 2022Liked by Kristin Lueke

Happy Birthday, Kristin! It's just like you to celebrate a birthday by giving us a gift <3

I so enjoyed your post, and I've done this exercise many times, and am always stunned at how different my responses are each time.

I so appreciate you sharing your values, and I'll share mine too:

Adventure - Being curious about and trying out new experiences. I want to fuck around and find out. Sometimes that may mean trying something out that doesn’t appear to be “rational” or prudent. And I’ve discovered that prudence doesn’t often yield satisfaction. I want fucking satisfaction. It may also mean trying something out that may not be immediately appealing, but being open to the experience and willing to explore its paths of possibilities. For me, it’s an approach that also includes a sense of wonder and “what if?”.

Freedom - I’m opinionated, and at times a contrarian. I will listen to others’ experiences, and I want to try things out to see for myself. I often tell myself that tomorrow I can wake up and be a whole other bitch because my life is my story to write. I’ve often woken up and decided to be a whole other bitch. I often experience “light-switch” moments. I believe that our purpose on this earth is to have the most wondrous experiences we can as divinity contained within a meatsuit. I want to try everything on offer on this smorgasbord of life.

Imagination - We already know what “now” looks like, but think about what could be! Almost anything is possible. This laptop you’re typing on? It started out in 1981 as a 24.5lb brick. It was gnarly, but a start. And through revisions and reiterations, here we are today. Every big thing starts out as some outlandish idea that “certainly can’t be done”, but a lot of little things become big things. I believe in dreaming and having the faith and steadfastness of a mustard seed. A mustard seed which starts out at 1/8th of an inch and morphs into a 30-foot tree. A spark of an idea can lead to a start–if you choose to give the idea room to breathe and take it seriously and believe.

Learning - Humans can be such rudimentary creatures in such an enormous earth and universe. We have soft hides, a really narrow spectrum of colorings and markings, and can comfortably exist in a narrow band of temperature and conditions, and even within those limitations, there’s so much to learn from each other. Beyond those limitations, there’s so much we don’t know. Take the ocean for instance–we simultaneously know a lot and a little about it. Space? The same thing. I’m always awed by the folks who suffer from boredom. There SO much to learn, about oneself, others, the world, just pick something! Sure, I enjoy classical learning, but I also mean learning through experience, and taking care to reflect on and analyze your imaginings and adventures. Did you discover something amazing? Do more of that shit! Did you experience a setback? Stop that shit! This is the part where I get to make meaning of all of the experiences I seek. What was/is their significance, to myself, to others, to being? Do I have another lead on a wondrous experience? How can I expand this supercool thing, and minimize this crummy thing in my life?

Pleasure - I’ve learned that if it feels good, I want to fuck with it (well, not always literally, you know what I mean). Earlier in life I placed value on the struggle. To struggle for something means it’s worth the effort. Man, fuck that noise. Sometimes it is, but I’ve learned that sometimes it isn’t. And when it isn’t that means I’ve chosen the struggle and ate shit sandwiches only to move onto the final boss of a shit sandwich buffet. I’m no longer about that life. That doesn’t mean I’m a hedonist, I just want to feel good and aligned, whether that’s emotionally, spiritually, or physically. I’m trusting that when I feel pleasure it’s my instinct and intuition converging to tell me “Yass bitch, more of this please and thank you”.

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happy birthday, you shiny dahlia, you!

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HBD!!!! 🎉❤️🎉

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Hbd lovely ❤️ have loved Lucille Clifton long time so thank you for this reminder. The values exercise comes at such an apt time. Thank you for your words as always 🙏🏽

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Hey Kristin,

First - Happy Birthday! Gives September an extra sense of renewal, I would think...

I searched the list for the word "Time" (I embarrassed to say that I was so focused on considering the concepts that it took me a few seconds to realize they were in alphabetical order) but couldn't find it. I don't even know what "Time" means in my context -- but I want to bring it forward. "Mindfulness" might be close. "Freedom" is close too, though that doesn't seem to be in the list either. I know there are blanks to fill in your own words, but... are time and freedom really on the same plane as abundance and play? Are these things outside of me rather than within me?

Or is it a sign that maybe I have to dig a little deeper?

An interesting exercise in any case. I will come back to this later. You know. When I have more time.

Thanks for another great post!


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Happy birthday Kristin! Sending you lots of good vibes and love. 🤗🤗🤗

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