I was going through my list of Substack subscriptions this morning and I realized I hadn't seen anything from yours in a little while. Literally seconds later, this popped into my inbox...

There is something about your posts that just draw me in, and this one is no different. You turn the simple act of cutting a pomegranate into poetry. (And at the end, almost literally!) Your mention of Persephone is timely as well -- been doing a lot of research about her world for many reasons. You've given me another avenue to pursue.

Haven't seen a pomagranate in a long time, though I haven't really been looking (and I get laser-focused in grocery stores -- in and out, nobody gets hurt). But I *will* look for one, next time I'm there.

Happy Sunday!


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I love your poem! And I share your deep awe and love for the pomegranate!

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Anyway, here are 2 poems about pomegranates... and suddenly I yearn for una


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